Adobe India Women-in-Technology Scholarship FAQ

Adobe India Women in Technology Scholarship FAQ

Is there a limit to the number of applications that can come from a single university or department?


How will the letter of recommendation be submitted?

Details will be provided on the portal. It must be submitted by the Professor directly on the portal.

When is the deadline for the letter of recommendation?

Thirteen days after the application deadline. Please follow up with Professor and request to submit on time.

Will I be able to update my scholarship application once I submit?

Yes, changes can be made up until the application submission deadline.

Do transcripts need to be official transcripts signed by the registrar?

Not when you apply. At a later stage in the selection process, official transcript signed by the registrar will be asked.

What instructions will my recommender need to know?

    Recommendation letter will need to address the following points:

  • How long have they known the applicant and in what capacity
  • Does the applicant belong to the top 5, 10, or 20 percent of the students they have taught
  • Assess the applicant on:
    • Intellectual and analytic strengths
    • Technical skills
    • Ability to think creatively
    • Ambition and initiative
    • Ability to work on a team

Can Master’s students apply?

Yes, if pursuing Dual Degree as explained under Eligibility Criteria.