Adobe Research Fellowship Award FAQ

Adobe Research Fellowship Award FAQ

When is the application available?

The application will be available beginning Friday, July 30th, 2021, 6:00 a.m. Central Time.

What is the deadline to submit the application?

  • Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. Central Time Application submission deadline.
  • Monday, September 20, 2021 at 3:00 p.m Central Time Letters of Recommendation deadline
  • If 250 completed and eligible applications are received prior to the Wednesday, September 15, 2021 deadline then the applications will close.

Who is eligible to apply? 

Applicants must be currently registered as full-time graduate students at a college or university and must be planning to enroll in full-time PhD study (no “Dual” programs) at an accredited four-year college or university (or equivalent) for the entire 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years. Adobe employees and relatives of employees of Adobe are not eligible.

Are individuals who are not currently attending a postsecondary institution eligible?

No. The fellowship is available to anyone who is currently enrolled in full-time graduate for the 2021-2022 and plan to be enrolled for and 2022-2023 academic year. 

What courses of study are eligible? 

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 
  • AR, VR & 360 Photography 
  • Audio 
  • Computer Vision Imaging & Video 
  • Content Intelligence 
  • Data Intelligence 
  • Document Intelligence 
  • Graphics (2D & 3D) 
  • Human Computer Interaction 
  • Intelligent Agents & Assistants 
  • Natural language processing 
  • Systems & Language 

Where can I find out more about the fellowship program?

If you are interested in applying, you can find out more information about the program at

How do I apply?

A fellowship application form must be completed and submitted through the Scholarship America Hub. To apply, visit the informational landing page: and select “Apply Now”. Once at the Scholarship America Hub, register for a student account and complete your Profile information. For eligible applicants, the Adobe Research Fellowship application will be found under the Scholarships page. Select “Apply Now” to begin the application. For additional guidance on how to submit your application – click here.

How do I upload my letter of recommendation?

Follow our instructions here

What will be awarded?

The Adobe Research Fellowship includes a one-time $10,000 fellowship award, a Creative Cloud subscription membership for one year, and may get the opportunity to interview for an internship at Adobe. 

 Awards are for PhD study only. 

What additional documents are required to complete an application?

When submitting the application, applicants must upload the following supporting documents: 

  1. Response to an essay prompt
  2. A research overview comprising two pages of text and figures not including citations. At least half a page should highlight how the student’s research could contribute to Adobe. 
  3. 3 Letters of Recommendation
  4.  Curriculum Vitae (CV). 
  5. A transcript of current and previous academic records both undergraduate and graduate. 

How will I know if my application and supporting documents were submitted?

Shortly after you submit your online application, confirmation that your application was submitted will be sent to your registration e-mail address.  

If you do not receive a confirmation, please return to your electronic application, choose the review tab and confirm all data was entered correctly. Once you have completed the review, select the LOCK and SUBMIT button available at the bottom of the page. 

When will I be notified of my application status?

All applicants will be notified of their finalist status in October 2021.

Recipients and non-recipients from the finalist pool will be notified in November 2021.

How many times can I apply for the fellowship? 

If you haven’t received the Adobe Research fellowship in previous years, you’re eligible to reapply each year as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. 

What makes a strong letter of recommendation?

Strong letters of recommendation are written by mentors or advisors outside of your family network. Furthermore, letters of recommendation should touch on accomplishments.

Will I be able to update my fellowship application once I submit it through the portal?

No. Once an application has been submitted, changes can not be made to the application.

Do transcripts need to be official transcripts sign by the registrar?

Unofficial transcripts are acceptable but must include the student name, school name, grade, and credit hours earned for each course, and term in which each course was taken.

Can I submit materials (transcripts, essays, letters of reference) in a language other than English?

No. All materials must be in English.

If I have questions that are not addressed on this list, who may I contact for more information?

For more information about the Adobe Research Fellowship, email 

Who is the program administrator?

Adobe has partnered with Scholarship America, a leader in managing competitive scholarship programs for corporations and foundations, for administering the program. 


If you have specific questions about the program after reading this information, contact Scholarship America directly at 


How are recipients selected? 

Recipients are selected based on their research (creative, impactful, important, and realistic in scope), how their work would contribute to Adobe, their technical skills (ability to build complex computer programs), and their personal skills (problem-solving ability, communication, leadership, organizational skills, ability to work in teams). 


Scholarship America will review applications and candidates, using the application data to review and select fellowship finalists. 


A committee of Adobe researchers will be reviewing all applicants and will choose the recipients at their discretion.