Byungmoon Kim

Senior Researcher

San Jose

Byungmoon is a researcher at Advanced Technology Lab in Adobe, where he is working on computer graphics and simulation problems. Before joining in Adobe Systems, he worked on multi-phase fluid simulations and adaptive grid applications, and he was at NVIDIA as a senior graphics systems software engineer working on stability, performance, quality, analysis, and stereo.

He received a Ph. D. in computer science at the Georgia Intitute of Technology, where he researched on high order advection methods (BFECC and MacCormack) for fluid simulations, bubbles in foam simulations using the volume control method, a new mesh filter transfer function and its coefficient computation (filter design). While studying in computer science, he also worked on shadow volume, mesh editing, video effects, haptics, and continuous collision detection, and received MS in computer science. He also completed MS in mathematics and MS in aerospace engineering, both at Georgia Tech. In mathematics, he studied numerical methods, and in aerospace engineering, he performed spacecraft and robot dynamics and control researches. Before pursuing graduate degrees, he worked as a software engineer developing multimedia software. He received BS in Aerospace at Inha University, where his interests were real time graphics, digital circuits, experiments, dynamics, and simulations.

His current and near future research interests are real time graphics, game engine, and physics; fluid simulation and control for interactive design systems, effects, and animation; parallel processing with GPUs and CPUs; and adaptive grid applications.



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