Zoya Bylinskii

Research Scientist


Zoya’s work lies at the interface of human perception & cognition, computer vision & machine learning, and human computer interfaces. She is excited by the concept of “visual symbolism”: how humans successfully communicate complex and often abstract topics through visual means, in designing information visualizations, infographics, iconography, and graphic designs. Insights gained by running perception studies can be built into smarter computational algorithms: artificial intelligence for creativity. Zoya’s work is interdisciplinary and is published in top-tier human vision, computer vision, HCI, and visualization venues.

Zoya received her PhD from MIT in 2018, advised by Fredo Durand (computer graphics) and Aude Oliva (perception and cognition) at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. Her thesis was on “Computational Perception for Multimodal Document Understanding”. Zoya’s M.Sc. thesis, also from MIT, titled “Computational Understanding of Image Memorability” was supervised by Antonio Torralba (computer vision) and Aude Oliva. Prior to this, Zoya attended the University of Toronto, where she majored in computer science and statistics and was an undergraduate research assistant in computer vision, working on parts-based object recognition and sign language understanding. More on Zoya’s research can be found here: http://web.mit.edu/zoya/www/research.html.