Content Ideation

Anandhavelu Natarajan

Adobe Research

A content marketer collates content from several channel within an enterprise and shares it with the brand customers from time-to-time. For the marketer to continuously engage with the community, he needs to create suitable and tangible content for the community to consume in a healthy manner. The marketer collects such content as a part of the planning process and spaces it out for the consumption of the community. This content could be an interesting snippet about the brand, an interesting application of the brand, a tangential topic of the community’s interest, a quick internal update about a product, sharing a current trend relevant to the brand/community, leveraging a current trend to the brand’s advantage, etc. However, due to the sheer speed and volume of online content generation and expectations of online communities, the marketer has to filter several online articles/trends to provide the best ones to his community. This calls for an automated tool that can assist content marketers in this curation step. We propose an algorithm that would automatically identify key ideas that the marketer can leverage to generate content. The input to the algorithm includes textual content from social platforms or owned web pages.