Repoussé: Automatic Inflation of 2D vector art

Pushkar Joshi

Adobe Research

Nathan Carr

Adobe Research

Repoussé is a new research system for the interactive enhancement of 2D art with 3D geometry. Repoussé creates a 3D shape by inflating the surface that interpolates the input curves. By using the mean curvature stored at boundary vertices as a degree of freedom, a user is able to manipulate the inflated surface intuitively and efficiently using a single linear system. Repoussé handles both smooth and sharp position constraints. Position constraint vertices can also have curvature constraints for controlling the inflation of the local surface. Potential applications of Repoussé are in font design, stroke design, photo enhancement and freeform 3D shape design.



In the above example, 2D curves were modeled in Adobe Illustrator and provided as input to the Repoussé system. The inflated mesh produced by Repoussé was loaded into Adobe Photoshop to be shaded and rendered

Project Publications

A Linear Variational System for Modeling From Curves

Andrews, J., Joshi, P., Carr, N. (Jun. 1, 2011)
Computer Graphics Forum 2011

Repoussé: Automatic Inflation of 2d Artwork

Joshi, P., Carr, N. (Feb. 1, 2008)
In SBIM ’08: Proceedings of the sixth Eurographics workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling, Eurographics Association, Aire-la-Ville , Switzerland, 49–56