Corpus-based Content Construction

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Vocabulary-tailored summary generation

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Autocomplete 3D Sculpting

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Deep Image-based Relighting using Optimal Sparse Samples

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Toward Wave-based Sound Synthesis for Computer Animation

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Scene-Aware Audio for 360° Videos

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Pigmento: Pigment-Based Image Analysis and Editing

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ToonSynth: Example-Based Synthesis of Hand-Colored Cartoon Animations

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Language Model Supervision for Handwriting Recognition Model Adaptation

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Tetrahedral Meshing in the Wild

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FlyCam: Multi-touch Gesture Controlled Drone Gimbal Photography

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Perception-Driven Semi-Structured Boundary Vectorization

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Modeling Hint-Taking Behavior and Knowledge State of Students with Multi-Task Learning

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Conversational Image Editing: Incremental Intent Identification in a New Dialogue Task

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Capacity-aware Sequential Recommendations

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Deep Painterly Harmonization

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Spoke Darts for High-Dimensional Blue Noise Sampling

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