Internships at Adobe Research

Excited about research on the cutting edge? Adobe Research works with graduate student interns to collaborate on state-of-the-art technologies across a range of research areas. Interns partner directly with one or more researchers, as well as Adobe’s world-class product and design teams. Work by Adobe Research interns is presented at leading academic conferences and may be integrated into Adobe’s software, reaching millions of screens across the globe.

Applications for 2023 internships are currently closed. Internship opportunities for 2024 will be announced in fall 2023.

Why do people love to intern with Adobe Research?

Priya Pai Former Intern

I learned so much from my mentors, and I built so many precious friendships. Adobe valued and encouraged my interdisciplinary work wholeheartedly and helped me realize that tech truly is a space for people like me - those who can't fit their passions in a single box. I feel proud of and grateful for my time there.

Gabrielle Taylor Former Intern

All ideas are welcome here. There's a lot of creative flexibility, and you can come up with an idea and try it. I learned a lot that I couldn't learn in school. And at Adobe Research, you have some of the best minds in the world mentoring you - so you get a lot of good advice.

Julia Gong Former Intern

Adobe Research is a remarkably vibrant and unique place, balancing scientific inquiry with a product focus. It has an astonishing density of people who are genuinely crazy-smart, yet willing to help anyone, an undergraduate intern included. Adobe is simultaneously whimsical, creative, productive, impactful, motivated, innovative, stimulating, and fun.

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At Adobe Research, interns partner with world-class mentors to discover new technologies and make innovative contributions to Adobe’s products.