Adobe Research at CVPR 2018: Sharing New Work in Computer Vision

July 12, 2018

Adobe Research shared our latest computer vision discoveries at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2018), held this June in Salt Lake City. Attracting an international audience of scholars and industry representatives, CVPR is one of the premier events for showcasing cutting-edge research in this field.

The images here offer a glimpse into the enthusiasm generated by our 30 conference papers–and our scientists’ live demonstrations of their research.

Researchers and colleagues demoed computer vision-related projects, including video auto-tagging, Project Puppetron, Project Scribbler, Smart Object Selection, the Select Subject feature in Photoshop, Sketching with Style, and Makeup Transfer.

The Adobe Research booth, presentations, and poster sessions were well attended, and conference-goers explored all 30 of the Adobe papers included in this year’s CVPR.

The conference also offered a chance for students and industry professionals to learn about career opportunities, the latest projects, and research programs at Adobe Research. Our hiring managers and recruiters were onsite to meet with attendees.

For more information about opportunities at Adobe Research, visit our Careers page.

Photo credit: Claire (Qin) Li, Adobe Research