Remote Internships: Connecting and Collaborating

November 9, 2020

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Manuel Lagunas, Adobe Research intern

This year, Adobe Research internships went virtual—but that didn’t stop interns from enjoying a full experience. Adobe Research is hiring interns for 2021 to collaborate remotely on state-of-the-art technologies. Learn more about internships and apply now!

Research intern Manuel Lagunas is a prime example. Lagunas returned to Adobe Research for his second internship, this time remotely. The PhD student from the Universidad de Zaragoza collaborated with several researchers to pursue projects in machine learning and computer graphics.

“I am really glad that Adobe decided to move their internships to a remote setting,” said Lagunas, who worked from Spain. He met with other Adobe Research interns and full-time staff regularly, also having virtual group lunches and daily check-ins with his mentor.

Lagunas’ first internship resulted in a patent application, and he and his collaborators are now working towards a research publication.

“Adobe is a really diverse company where you have lots of opportunities to connect and collaborate with world-leading researchers. Besides that, Adobe Research fosters collaborations with academia. Most projects target a publication in a top-tier venue, which I believe is something that every PhD student is looking for when they pursue an internship,” Lagunas says.

Lagunas recently chatted with Tong Sun, Director of the Document Intelligence Lab at Adobe Research, sharing his experience as an intern. Take a look at the video capturing their conversation.

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By Meredith Alexander Kunz, Adobe Research

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