Researcher Spotlight: Jennifer Healey

March 24, 2021

Tags: Careers, Researcher Spotlights

Meet Jennifer Healey, a Senior Research Scientist with Adobe Research for the past two years. Her career began with a first-in-its-field dissertation in affective computing from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Today, Jennifer’s interests span machine learning and human-computer interaction, and she has a range of experience in wearable and intelligent systems. Jennifer holds more than 35 patents. She also contributes to the research community by helping to organize major conferences and events, including UbiComp / ISWC 2020 and Women in Machine Learning (WiML) events. 

In this video interview, Jennifer shares what it was like to plan a conference during the pandemic, when everything went virtual and happened across multiple time zones. She also explores ways in which WiML is promoting diversity in computer science, bolstering women’s participation around the world. She offers insights into the value of machine learning and human computer interaction research. Jennifer also gives a window into her own pandemic work-from-home experience.

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