Aseem Agarwala

Senior Principal Scientist


Aseem Agarwala is a research scientist at Adobe, and an affiliate associate professor at the University of Washington’s Computer Science & Engineering department, where he completed his Ph.D. in 2006; his advisor was David Salesin.   His areas of research are computer graphics, computer vision, and computational imaging.   Specifically, he researches machine learning techniques that help us author more expressive imagery. He recently spent five years at Google focusing on automatic photography, and lead the team that developed the AI behind Google Clips.  Aseem spent nine years after his Ph.D. at Adobe Research, where much of his research shipped in products like Photoshop and After Effects. He also spent three summers during his Ph.D. interning at Microsoft Research, and his time at UW was supported by a Microsoft fellowship.  Before UW, he worked for two years as a research scientist at the legendary but now-bankrupt Starlab, a small research company in Belgium. He completed his Masters and Bachelors at MIT majoring in computer science; while there he was a research assistant in the Computer Graphics Group, and an intern at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (MERL) .


DeepFont: Identify Your Font from an Image

Wang, Z., Yang, J., Jin, H., Shechtman, E., Agarwala, A., Brandt, J., Huang, T. (Jul. 1, 2015)

To appear in ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM'15)