Gang Wu

Research Scientist 2

San Jose

Gang Wu joined Adobe Research as Research Scientist in December, 2017. His research spans different machine learning fields including statistical modeling, optimization, deep learning, and generative modeling, with data science applications such as digital marketing, user behavior modeling, recommender systems, and computer vision applications such as image compression, video understanding, etc.

Prior to joining Adobe, he worked on probabilistic methods for matrix completion during my PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at Iowa State University, advised by Prof. Ratnesh Kumar. He also interned at Adobe Research conducting comprehensive research on recommender systems and user engagement maximization (see “Meet the Intern Who Knows What Videos You Want to Watch”).

More information about him is available on his personal site.


Show Me What I Like: Detecting User-Specific Video Highlights Using Content-Based Multi-Head Attention

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Structured Policy Iteration for Linear Quadratic Regulator

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Linear Quadratic Regulator for Resource-Efficient Cloud Services

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Scalable Bid Landscape Forecasting in Real-time Bidding

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Digital content recommendation system using implicit feedback data

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Context-aware video recommendation based on session progress prediction

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