Jashwant Raj Gunasekaran

Research Engineer- Machine Learning Infrastructure

San Jose

Jashwant is a Research Engineer in the Creative Intelligence Lab (CIL). He is very passionate about cloud computing and distributed systems in general with hands on experience of Kubernetes, Serverless computing and ML model serving.  His work is currently focused on the future of the CIL compute cluster, primarily to enable new workflows in machine learning model training, as well as to explore new applications of the compute infrastructure.

He completed his PhD in Computer Science from Penn State (Aug 2021).  As a part of the architecture lab his primary research is broadly focused on maximizing performance and minimizing cost of hosting ML applications on cloud platforms. He has published papers in conferences such as NSDI, Middleware, SoCC, CLUSTER, ICDCS etc.  During his PhD, he has interned twice at Qualcomm and VMware. He completed his Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at MIT, Anna University, later worked in Qualcomm India for 1 year. Jashwant loves to ride motorcycle and play badminton in his free time.

Further details are available at his Personal Page