Automatic Image Cropping using Visual Composition, Boundary Simplicity and Content Preservation Models

ACM Multimedia 2014

Publication date: November 1, 2014

C. Fang, Zhe Lin, Radomír Měch, Xiaohui Shen

Cropping is one of the most common tasks in image editing for improving the aesthetic quality of a photograph. In this paper, we propose a new, aesthetic photo cropping system which combines three models: visual composition, boundary simplicity, and content preservation. The visual composition model measures the quality of composition for a given crop. Instead of manually defining rules or score functions for composition, we learn the model from a large set of well-composed images via discriminative classifier training. The boundary simplicity model measures the clearness of the crop boundary to avoid object cutting-through. The content preservation model computes the amount of salient information kept in the crop to avoid excluding important content. By assigning a hard lower bound constraint on the content preservation and linearly combining the scores from the visual composition and boundary simplicity models, the resulting system achieves significant improvement over recent cropping methods in both quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

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