Delivery Optimized Discovery in Behavioral User Segmentation under Budget Constraint

Proceedings of the 32nd ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM)

Publication date: October 21, 2023

Harshita Chopra, Atanu R Sinha, Sunav Choudhary, Ryan A. Rossi, Paavan Kumar Indela, Veda Pranav Parwatala, Srinjayee Paul, Aurghya Maiti

Users' behavioral footprints online enable firms to discover behavior-based user segments (or, segments) and deliver segment specific messages to users. Following the discovery of segments, delivery of messages to users through preferred media channels like Facebook and Google can be challenging, as only a portion of users in a behavior segment find match in a medium, and only a fraction of those matched actually see the message (exposure). Even high quality discovery becomes futile when delivery fails. Many sophisticated algorithms exist for discovering behavioral segments; however, these ignore the delivery component. The problem is compounded because (i) the discovery is performed on the behavior data space in firms' data (e.g., user clicks), while the delivery is predicated on the static data space (e.g., geo, age) as defined by media; and (ii) firms work under budget constraint. We introduce a stochastic optimization based algorithm for delivery optimized discovery of behavioral user segments and offer new metrics to address the joint optimization. We leverage optimization under a budget constraint for delivery combined with a learning-based component for discovery. Extensive experiments on a public dataset from Google and a proprietary dataset show the effectiveness of our approach by simultaneously improving delivery metrics, reducing budget spend and achieving strong predictive performance in discovery.

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