ICPR 2020 – Competition on Harvesting Raw Tables from Infographics

ICPR 2021

Published February 21, 2021

Chris Tensmeyer, Sumit Shekhar, Hrituraj Singh, Kenny Davila, Srirangaraj Setlur, Venu Govindaraju

This work summarizes the results of the second Competition on Harvesting Raw Tables from Infographics (ICPR 2020 CHART-Infographics). Chart Recognition is difficult and multifaceted, so for this competition we divide the process into the following tasks: Chart Image Classification (Task 1), Text Detection and Recognition (Task 2), Text Role Classification (Task 3), Axis Analysis (Task 4), Legend Analysis (Task 5), Plot Element Detection and Classification (Task 6.a), Data Extraction (Task 6.b), and End-to-End Data Extraction (Task 7). We provided two sets of datasets for training and evaluation of the participant submissions. The first set is based on synthetic charts (Adobe Synth) generated from real data sources using matplotlib. The second one is based on manually annotated charts extracted from the Open Access section of the PubMed Central (UB PMC). More than 25 teams registered out of which 7 submitted results for different tasks of the competition. While results on synthetic data are near perfect at times, the same models still have room to improve when it comes to data extraction from real charts. The data, annotation tools, and evaluation scripts have been publicly released for academic use.

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