MoocViz: A Large Scale, Open Access, Collaborative, Data Analytics Platform for MOOCs

NIPS 2013 Education Workshop

Publication date: December 10, 2013

Franck Dernoncourt, Colin Taylor, Una-May O’Reilly, Kayan Veeramachaneni, Sherwin Wu, Chuong Do, Sherif Halawa

In this paper we present an open access large scale analytics platform that helps researchers analyze MOOC data from multiple platforms with out the need to share the data. It allows researchers to share scripts/effort, compare results and attempts to engage the community to achieve shared educational science goals. The platform utilizes some well known tools and packages and provides multiple levels of access to address a wide variety of needs around the data. We demonstrate the platforms capability by analyzing data from two MOOCs, one from coursera (offered by Stanford University) and one from edX (offered by MITx). This is the first time two courses from two platforms have been jointly analyzed. The analysis and the platform is made possible due to joint adoption of a data model called MoocDB.

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