Neural Architecture Search for Deep Image Prior

Elsevier Computers & Graphics (CAG)

Publication date: January 1, 2021

Kary Ho, Andrew Gilbert, Hailin Jin, John Collomosse

We present a neural architecture search (NAS) technique to enhance image denoising, inpainting, and super-resolution tasks under the recently proposed Deep Image Prior (DIP). We show that evolutionary search can automatically optimize the encoder-decoder (E-D) structure and meta-parameters of the DIP network, which serves as a content-specific prior to regularize these single image restoration tasks. Our binary representation encodes the design space for an asymmetric E-D network that typically converges to yield a content-specific DIP within 10–20 generations using a population size of 500. The optimized architectures consistently improve upon the visual quality of classical DIP for a diverse range of photographic and artistic content.

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