Object-based Vectorization for Interactive Image Editing

Visual Computer (Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2006). Vol 22, No 9-11. Sept. 2006.

Published July 3, 2006

Brian Price, W. Barrett

We present a technique for creating an editable vector graphic from an object in a raster image. Object selection is performed interactively in subsecond time by calling graph cut with each mouse movement. A renderable mesh is then computed automatically for the selected object and each of its subobjects by (1) generating a coarse object mesh; (2) performing recursive graph cut segmentation and hierarchical ordering of subobjects; (3) applying error-driven mesh refinement to each (sub)object. The fully layered object hierarchy compares favorably with current approaches and is computed in a few 10s of seconds, facilitating object-level editing without leaving holes.

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