We are re-imagining audio technology to empower people to be creative without the tools getting in the way. We are working on dramatically simplifying the creation of audio content, while still maintaining high production value. Our work spans a number of audio research areas including speech enhancement, music information retrieval, speech and music synthesis, computational acoustics, spatial audio, and audio event detection. We also work on problems at the intersection of audio with video, augmented reality, and natural language processing. To advance all of these research areas, we develop new machine learning algorithms, novel signal processing algorithms, and new human computer interaction paradigms.

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Tim Ganter

Research Software Developer

Jui-Hsien Wang

Research Engineer

Oriol Nieto

Senior Audio Research Engineer

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Deep Embeddings and Section Fusion Improve Music Segmentation

Salamon, J., Nieto, O., Bryan, N. (Nov. 8, 2021)

International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR)

Controllable deep melody generation via hierarchical music representation

Dai, S., Jin, Z., Gomes, C., Dannenberg, R. (Nov. 8, 2021)

International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference

HiFi-GAN-2: Studio-quality speech enhancement via generative adversarial networks conditioned on acoustic features

Su, J., Jin, Z., Finkelstein, A. (Oct. 17, 2021)

IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA)

Project Awesome Audio

Project Awesome Audio, an experimental technology, converts low quality home voice recordings into studio quality audio at the press of a button. It uses a deep learning model to jointly perform high quality dereverberation, denoising, and more.

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