Intelligent Agents & Assistants

Adobe Research is developing intelligent agents and assistants to help Adobe’s customers with a wide range of tasks. Enterprise-focused agents offer a promising way to empower marketers to offer engaging customer experiences, educate people about products, and communicate timely offers. Natural language-enabled creative assistants could enable new users to become familiar with digital tools, teach valuable skills, and handle routine work. Agents and assistants may be voice or gesture driven, with awareness of content and context. 

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Atanu R Sinha

Principal Scientist

Trung Bui

Senior Research Scientist & Research Manager

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TaleStream: Supporting Story Ideation with Trope Knowledge

Chou, J., Agrawala, M., Siu, A., Lipka, N., Rossi, R., Dernoncourt, F. (Nov. 1, 2023)

UIST 2023

Intelli-Paint: Towards Developing More Human-Intelligible Painting Agents

Singh, J., Smith, C., Echevarria, J., Zheng, L. (Oct. 23, 2022)

ECCV 2022

Paint2Pix: Interactive Painting based Progressive Image Synthesis and Editing

Singh, J., Zheng, L., Smith, C., Echevarria, J. (Oct. 23, 2022)

ECCV 2022

Project Journey Genius

Presented by researcher Fan Du, Project Journey Genius enables marketers to explore the history and potential future of customers’ journeys, with a goal of creating intervention plans for achieving a better outcome. This experimental assistive tool could help marketers predict which customers will experience bottlenecks, and provide support ahead of time.

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