Natural Language Processing

In Natural Language Processing (NLP), we focus on how computers understand and interact with humans through natural conversation and text. We develop new NLP methods for collecting, processing, analyzing and understanding large amounts of natural language data for diverse applications such as intelligent conversational assistants, natural language search, document intelligence and knowledge acquisition.  

Our research projects span natural language understanding, dialogue systems, document semantics and affect understanding, document re-synthesis, text-mining, structured information extraction, knowledge acquisition and representation, joint language and vision-based understanding of images and videos, deep learning, and the use of natural language for computational creativity.  Our work includes efforts in intelligent assistants, multimodal search, document understanding, content generation, affect modelling, and multimodal content synthesis.  

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Balaji Vasan Srinivasan

Principal Scientist

Rajiv Jain

Senior Research Scientist

Doo Soon Kim

Senior Research Engineer

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Learning Colour Representations of Search Queries

Maheshwari, P., Ghuhan, M., Vinay, V. (Jul. 25, 2020)

43rd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2020)

Efficient Deployment of Conversational Natural Language Interfaces over Databases

Colas, A., Bui, T., Dernoncourt, F., Sinha, M., Kim, D. (Jul. 10, 2020)

ACL 2020 First Workshop on Natural Language Interfaces

Extensively Matching for Few-shot Learning Event Detection

Lai, V., Dernoncourt, F., Nguyen, T. (Jul. 9, 2020)


Knowledge Graphs

At Adobe Research, research scientists are exploring new ways of using knowledge graphs to develop tools to inform and inspire our customers. Knowledge graphs represent complex real-world material in a rich, interconnected network, helping users find answers that might otherwise be hidden.

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