Innovation at scale: The role of generative AI in transforming business

Presenter: Dr. Gavin Miller, Head of Adobe Research 

How is generative AI transforming business?​ First, it’s transforming the way we at Adobe Research work on business-targeted innovation, from research exploration to development. We are inventing foundational models, product features and workflows, APIs and third-party custom systems, and data analytics. And second, our work is transforming our customers’ businesses with GenAI. Adobe is enabling customized GenAI in Firefly Custom Models and Firefly services, helping marketing teams tailor their content and scale it for different formats and platforms. Our discoveries help enterprises scale faster and better; for example, an experimental project speeds up content generation by 30 times using one-step diffusion. Another research effort can scale content across languages, allowing creators to translate dialogue for global audiences. Our co-pilots build empathy and trust. One experimental project shared at Adobe Summit 2024 can accelerate the creation of marketing playbooks and using GenAI to build personas, audience insights, and plans that can be launched immediately. ​And the new AI Assistant for Reader and Acrobat, now available in beta, can answer a user’s questions about information in a PDF, generate summaries and insights, and format its findings for emails, reports, and presentations. At the same time, the system attributes the source of info, so that users can capture if the GenAI system comes to the wrong conclusion. Adobe’s future vision includes an initiative to close the loop from data analytics to content generation with “Adobe GenStudio,” which will build in content performance metrics to directly influence what content is created next. Throughout these efforts, Adobe’s ethical approach empowers enterprises to use AI at scale for content creation and marketing efforts by leveraging content credentials, fingerprinting, and other tools that are expanding across new media types, so that AI can help shape the future in an ethical way.