Jose joined Adobe Research in November 2016. He completed his Ph.D. at University of Zaragoza (Spain) in October 2016, where he was a member of the Graphics & Imaging Lab and was advised by Diego Gutierrez.

His research topics span different areas in computer graphics, computer vision and computational photography. He is mainly interested in developing novel creative tools, and turning artistic knowledge and human perception into practical solutions. He is also very passionate about any other topic that links his scientific and engineering side with his artistic one.

For more information, and an updated list of publications, see his personal page.




Learning to Emphasize: Dataset and Shared Task Models for Selecting Emphasis in Presentation Slides

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AAAI 2021 Workshop on Content Authoring and Design (CAD21)

SemEval-2020 Task 10: Emphasis Selection for Written Text in Visual Media

Shirani, A., Dernoncourt, F., Lipka, N., Asente, P., Echevarria, J., Solorio, T. (Dec. 13, 2020)

SemEval 2020

MakeItTalk: Speaker-Aware Talking Head Animation

Zhou, Y., Li, D., Shechtman, E., Echevarria, J., Han, X., Kalogerakis, E. (Nov. 30, 2020)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

Let Me Choose: From Verbal Context to Font Selection

Shirani, A., Dernoncourt, F., Echevarria, J., Asente, P., Lipka, N., Solorio, T. (Jul. 8, 2020)

ACL 2020

ICONATE: Automatic Compound Icon Generation and Ideation

Zhao, N., Kim, N., Herman, L., Pfister, H., Lau, R., Echevarria, J., Bylinskii, Z. (Apr. 25, 2020)

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)

Adaptive Photographic Composition Guidance

E, J., Fried, O., Lu, J., Zhang, J., Měch, R., Echevarria, J., Hanrahan, P., Landay, J. (Apr. 1, 2020)


Learning Emphasis Selection for Written Text in Visual Media from Crowd-Sourced Label Distributions

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ACL 2019

Generating Playful Palettes from Images

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Sketching and layering graffiti primitives

Berio, D., Asente, P., Echevarria, J., Leymarie, F. (May. 5, 2019)

Expressive 2019