Kevin Smith

Senior Research Software Developer

San Jose

Kevin joined Adobe Research in 2018 after nearly 15 years on the Adobe Experience Cloud.  He has a BS in Computer Science and an MBA, both from Brigham Young University.  He has rich experience in all facets of marketing technologies such as analytics, behavioral targeting, search and display advertising and campaign orchestration.

Prior to Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture, Kevin founded Omniture’s first research team, the Emerging Technologies Lab, which pioneered mobile, video and social analytics.  His research focused on incorporating new technologies such as GeoLocation and GeoSegmentation, IoT, AR and VR into Adobe marketing solutions.

Kevin’s research has been showcased 5 times in Adobe Summit Sneaks including:

  • GeoVisualizations
  • BoomData – Dynamic 3rd Party Data Integration
  • Automated Infographics
  • Personality AI – Psychographic Based Cognitive Personalization
  • Marketing in Virtual Reality