TJ Rhodes

Hardware Research Scientist/Engineer

San Jose

TJ leads the Emerging Devices Group for Adobe’s global research organization. EDG oversees operations for all the major hardware research initiatives and lab infrastructure within Adobe Research. His team focuses on creating unique datasets and new user experiences through hardware.

The group advances Adobe’s groundbreaking research in the areas of machine learning, AR/VR, fabrication, and beyond through the rapid prototyping of electro-mechanical devices. TJ studied Robotics Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering at WPI, and Software Engineering at Drexel University.



Project Primrose: Reflective Light-Diffuser Modules for Non-Emissive Flexible Display Systems

Dierk, C., Rhodes, T., Miller, G. (Oct. 28, 2022)

ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST)

A Transparent Display with Per-Pixel Color and Opacity Control

Rhodes, T., Miller, G., Sun, Q., Ito, D., Wei, L. (Jul. 28, 2019)

SIGGRAPH 2019 Emerging Technologies