AR, VR & 360 Photography

Adobe Research is working to empower creators to author new immersive experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 photography. Our researchers and engineers are developing novel interactive editing and playback methods. In the future, our tools could help people to collaborate seamlessly across immersive environments, enhance dimensionality in VR and AR, and advance editing and sound creation for 360 videos. 

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Vladimir (Vova) Kim

Senior Research Scientist

Li-Yi Wei

Interactive Graphics Researcher

Vishy Swaminathan

Sr. Principal Scientist

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Holo-Relighting: Controllable Volumetric Portrait Relighting from a Single Image

Mei, Y., Zeng, Y., Zhang, H., Shu, Z., Zhang, X., Bi, S., Zhang, J., Jung, H., Patel, V. (Jun. 17, 2024)

CVPR 2024

Elastica: Adaptive Live Augmented Presentations with Elastic Mappings Across Modalities

Cao, Y., Habib, R., Wei, L., Aneja, D., Xia, H. (May. 11, 2024)

CHI 2024

PoseVEC: Authoring Adaptive Pose-aware Effects using Visual Programming and Demonstrations

Zhang, Y., Nguyen, C., Habib, R., Yu, L. (Oct. 10, 2023)


Mixed Reality Exploration: Glasswing

Adobe Research is pushing the boundaries with an early-stage mixed reality exploration called Project Glasswing. An experimental display prototype developed by TJ Rhodes and collaborators, Project Glasswing explores the possibility of bringing Adobe’s design tools to the physical world, creating the illusion of a Photoshop, After Effects, or XD layer appearing in space in front of 3D real objects, without the need for phones or special glasses.

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