AutoDub: Automatic Redubbing for Voiceover Editing

ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST)

Publication date: October 22, 2017

Shrikant Venkataramani, Paris Smaragdis, Gautham Mysore

Redubbing is an extensively used technique to correct errors in voiceover recordings. It involves re-recording a part of a voiceover, identifying the corresponding section of audio in the original recording that needs to be replaced, and using low level audio tools to replace the audio. Although this sequence of steps can be performed using traditional audio editing tools, the process can be tedious when dealing with long voiceover recordings and prohibitively difficult for users not familiar with such tools. To address this issue, we present AutoDub, a novel system for redubbing voiceover recordings. Using our system, a user simply needs to re-record the part of the voiceover that needs to be replaced. Our system automatically locates the corresponding part in the original recording and performs the low level audio processing to replace it. The system can be easily incorporated in any existing sophisticated audio editor or can be employed as a functionality in an audio-guided user interface. User studies involving participation from novice, knowledgeable and expert users indicate that our tool is preferred to a traditional audio editor based redubbing approach by all categories of users due to its faster and easier redubbing capabilities.

Research Areas:  Adobe Research iconAudio Adobe Research iconHuman Computer Interaction