BehanceCC: A ChitChat Detection Dataset For Livestreaming Video Transcripts

LREC 2022

Publication date: June 25, 2022

Viet Dac Lai, Amir Pouran Ben Veyseh, Franck Dernoncourt, Thien Huu Nguyen

Livestreaming videos have become an effective broadcasting method for both video sharing and educational purposes. However, livestreaming videos contain a considerable amount of off-topic content (i.e., up to 50%) which introduces significant noises and data load to downstream applications. This paper presents BehanceCC , a new human-annotated benchmark dataset for off-topic detection (also called chitchat detection) in livestreaming video transcripts. In addition to describing the challenges of the dataset, our extensive experiments of various baselines reveal the complexity of chitchat detection for livestreaming videos and suggest potential future research directions for this task. The dataset will be made publicly available to foster research in this area.

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