Elastica: Adaptive Live Augmented Presentations with Elastic Mappings Across Modalities

CHI 2024

Publication date: May 11, 2024

Yining Cao, Rubaiat Habib, Li-Yi Wei, Deepali Aneja, Haijun Xia

Augmented presentations offer compelling storytelling by combining speech content, gestural performance, and animated graphics in a congruent manner. The expressiveness of these presentations stems from the harmonious coordination of spoken words and graphic elements, complemented by smooth animations aligned with the presenter's gestures. However, achieving such desired congruence in a live presentation poses significant challenges due to the unpredictability and imprecision inherent in presenters' real-time actions. Existing methods either leveraged rigid mapping without predefined states or required the presenters to conform to predefined animations. We introduce adaptive presentations that dynamically adjust predefined graphic animations to real-time speech and gestures. Our approach leverages script following and motion warping to establish elastic mappings that generate runtime graphic parameters coordinating speech, gesture, and predefined animation state. Our evaluation demonstrated that the proposed adaptive presentation can effectively mitigate undesired visual artifacts caused by performance deviations and enhance the expressiveness of resulting presentations.

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