Inspiration Retrieval for Visual Exploration

NeurIPS 2021 Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design

Published December 13, 2021

Nihal Jain, Praneetha Vaddamanu, Paridhi Maheshwari, Vishwa Vinay, Kuldeep Kulkarni

In creative workflows, designers compile a collection (or “moodboard”) of inspirational assets for ideation. They may use this as reference for finding additional assets. In this work, we aim to stimulate creative ideation by making suggestions that take cues from the designer’s moodboard but also carefully diverge from it. A collection of images may have rich information along different axes (e.g. color, composition, or style) – these axes or channels can be used to model relevance or divergence of any image from a query collection. So, we develop a self-supervised model that can extract channel-specific representations from collections of images. We propose a search algorithm that uses these representations to obtain results that satisfy the collection’s intent along some channels but diverge from the query along others. We show that this allows for effective exploration of the creative space of possibilities. Finally, we demonstrate a mix-and-match visual querying mechanism that allows us to combine channels from different collections of inspirational content, thus facilitating ease in creative expression.

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