LoopMaker: Automatic Creation of Music Loops from Pre-recorded Music

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)

Publication date: April 21, 2018

Kitty Shi, Gautham Mysore

Music loops are seamlessly repeatable segments of music that can be used for music composition as well as backing tracks for media such as videos, webpages, and games. They are regularly used by both professional musicians as well as novices with very little experience in audio editing and music composition. The process of creating music loops can be challenging and tedious, particularly for novices. We present LoopMaker, an interactive system that assists users in creating and exploring music loops from pre-recorded music. Our system can be used in a semi-automatic mode in which it refines a user’s rough selection of a loop. It can also be used in a fully automatic mode in which it creates a number of loops from a given piece of music and interactively allows the user to explore these loops. Our user study suggests that our system makes the loop creation process significantly faster, easier, and more enjoyable than manual creation for both novices and experts. It also suggests that the quality of these loops are comparable to manually created loops by experts.

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Research Areas:  Adobe Research iconAudio Adobe Research iconHuman Computer Interaction