OATS: A Challenge Dataset for Opinion Aspect Target Sentiment Joint Detection for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis


Publication date: May 25, 2024

Siva Uday Sampreeth Chebolu, Franck Dernoncourt, Nedim Lipka, Thamar Solorio

Aspect-based sentiment Analysis (ABSA) delves into understanding sentiments specific to distinct elements within textual content. It aims to analyze user-generated reviews to determine a) the target entity being reviewed, b) the high-level aspect to which it belongs, c) the sentiment words used to express the opinion, and d) the sentiment expressed toward the targets and the aspects. While various benchmark datasets have fostered advancements in ABSA, they often come with domain limitations and data granularity challenges. Addressing these, we introduce the OATS dataset, which encompasses three fresh domains and consists of 20,000 sentence-level quadruples and 13,000 review-level tuples. Our initiative seeks to bridge specific observed gaps: the recurrent focus on familiar domains like restaurants and laptops, limited data for intricate quadruple extraction tasks, and an occasional oversight of the synergy between sentence and review-level sentiments. Moreover, to elucidate OATS's potential and shed light on various ABSA subtasks that OATS can solve, we conducted in-domain and cross-domain experiments, establishing initial baselines. We hope the OATS dataset augments current resources, paving the way for an encompassing exploration of ABSA.

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