Real-Time Hair Rendering using Sequential Adversarial Networks


Publication date: September 15, 2018

Lingyu Wei, Liwen Hu, Vladimir Kim, Ersin Yumer, Hao Li

We present an adversarial network for rendering photorealistic hair as an alternative to conventional computer graphics pipelines. Our deep learning approach does not require low-level parameter tuning nor ad-hoc asset design. Our method simply takes a strand-based 3D hair model as input and provides intuitive user-control for color and lighting through reference images. To handle the diversity of hairstyles and its appearance complexity, we disentangle hair structure, color, and illumination properties using a sequential GAN architecture and a semi-supervised training approach. We also introduce an intermediate edge activation map to orientation field conversion step to ensure a successful CG-to-photoreal transition, while preserving the hair structures of the original input data. As we only require a feed-forward pass through the network, our rendering performs in real-time. We demonstrate the synthesis of photorealistic hair images on a wide range of intricate hairstyles and compare our technique with state-of-the-art hair rendering methods.

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