ShapeSynth: Parameterizing Model Collections for Coupled Shape Exploration and Synthesis


Published January 1, 2014

Melinos Averkiou, Vladimir Kim, Youyi Zheng, Niloy J. Mitra

Recent advances in modeling tools enable non-expert users to synthesize novel shapes by assembling parts extracted from model databases. A major challenge for these tools is to provide users with relevant parts, which is especially difficult for large repositories with significant geometric variations. In this paper we analyze unorganized collections of 3D models to facilitate explorative shape synthesis by providing high-level feedback of possible synthesizable shapes. By jointly analyzing arrangements and shapes of parts across models, we hierarchically embed the models into low-dimensional spaces. The user can then use the parameterization to explore the existing models by clicking in different areas or by selecting groups to zoom on specific shape clusters. More importantly, any point in the embedded space can be lifted to an arrangement of parts to provide an abstracted view of possible shape variations. The abstraction can further be realized by appropriately deforming parts from neighboring models to produce synthesized geometry. Our experiments show that users can rapidly generate plausible and diverse shapes using our system, which also performs favorably with respect to previous modeling tools.

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