Skeleton-free Pose Transfer for Stylized 3D Characters

ECCV 2022

Publication date: July 28, 2022

Zhouyingcheng Liao, Jimei Yang, Jun Saito, Gerard Pons-Moll, Yang Zhou

We present the first method that automatically transfers poses between stylized 3D characters without skeletal rigging. In contrast to previous attempts to learn pose transformations on fixed or topology-equivalent skeleton templates, our method focuses on a novel scenario to handle skeleton-free characters with diverse shapes, topologies, and mesh connectivities. The key idea of our method is to represent the characters in a unified articulation model so that the pose can be transferred through the correspondent parts. To achieve this, we propose a novel pose transfer network that predicts the character skinning weights and deformation transformations jointly to articulate the target character to match the desired pose. Our method is trained in a semi-supervised manner absorbing all existing character data with paired/unpaired poses and stylized shapes. It generalizes well to unseen stylized characters and inanimate objects.

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