UserNLP’22: 2022 International Workshop on User-centered Natural Language Processing

WWW 2022

Publication date: April 26, 2022

Xiaolei Huang, Lucie Flek, Franck Dernoncourt, Charles Welch, Silvio Amir, Ramit Sawhney, Diyi Yang

We report goals, paper submissions, keynotes, and organizations of this UserNLP workshop. User-centered NLP can fill these gaps by explicitly considering stylistic variations across individuals or groups of individuals and focusing on user-level modeling tasks. While traditional NLP tasks tend to focus on single documents (e.g., sentiment analysis), user-centered NLP aims to make inferences for individual users, on the basis of one or more documents associated with that user. This workshop aims to create a platform where researchers can present rising challenges in building user-centered NLP models and discuss shared issues across multidisciplinary fields. We have received 11 submissions and accepted 6 of the submissions, which were reviewed by our 19 program committee members. The program invited four keynote talks from both academia and industry. We appreciate the valuable contributions from the organizing committee, program committee, keynote speakers, and the manuscript authors.

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