Adobe Research Shares Technology Sneaks for Marketers

April 3, 2019

Tags: AI & Machine Learning, Content Intelligence, Data Intelligence

At this year’s Adobe Summit digital marketing conference, Adobe Research presented cutting-edge demos of future tech offerings. These promising new tools generated buzz in the audience of marketers and data analysts.

This year’s Summit Sneaks demos were co-hosted by actress, writer, and producer, Mindy Kaling, and Adobe’s Steve Hammond, senior director of experience business in APAC. Mindy and Paul kicked off the show by demonstrating MovingStills, a technology presented by Long Mai at Adobe MAX last fall (Mindy called it “pure sorcery!”), and then they sat back with the audience to be wowed by seven innovative demos. Three of those included technologies by Adobe Research:

Data Unbound, presented by Sana Malik

Data Unbound aims to bring Experience Cloud data to the user and make the data more accessible to Adobe customers beyond our standard interfaces. A new tool called Open Data Links allows data to be easily copied from Adobe Analytics into numerous other applications: Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Terminal. In addition, this technology automatically generates captions to explain each visualization, helping to inform customers further. Captions also help make this data visualization work compatible with smart assistants and accessibility screen readers, making “beautiful data everywhere, for everyone.”

Journey Genius, presented by Fan Du

Journey Genius enables marketers to explore the history and potential future of customers’ journeys, with a goal of creating intervention plans for achieving a better outcome. Marketers are able to predict customers’ next actions to foresee who might unsubscribe. Journey Genius then recommends sending a retention offer before the predicted unsubscribe. In other cases, marketers can predict which customers might experience bottlenecks and provide support ahead of time, raising predicted rates of renewal and “create more loyal customers.”

Expert Assist, presented by Mason Zhang (with contributions by Niyati Chhaya)

Expert Assist shows how AI can power better subject lines and email content as a Sensei (Adobe AI) service using Slack as an example, engaging more readers. This technology featured contributions by Adobe Research’s Niyati Chhaya, employing a tool she developed that helps score and predict email open rate based on just subject lines. It also demonstrated how marketers could leverage AI to auto-crop and place text on images.

To see a full list of all Summit Sneaks and videos, check out this Adobe Blog story.

Adapted by Meredith Alexander Kunz

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