Researcher Spotlight: Niloy Mitra on Exploring Our 3D World

June 15, 2021

Tags: Careers, Computer Vision, Imaging & Video, Graphics (2D & 3D), Researcher Spotlights

Principal Scientist Niloy Mitra is fascinated by the 3D world all around us. His work in computer graphics focuses on how to capture and represent 3D objects digitally, and his breakthroughs in shape analysis, geometry processing, and related areas have earned him multiple awards.

Mitra is the leader of Adobe Research’s London lab and the Smart Geometry Group at University College London, and he also serves as a volunteer leader for computer graphics conferences. Currently the technical papers chair for Eurographics in 2021, Mitra will be the technical papers chair for the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference—both roles that give him insights into the future of computer graphics. In April, he was elected a fellow of Eurographics for his contributions to the graphics field, one of just two new additions to this European graphics organization’s group of fellows in 2021.

In this audio interview, Mitra shares how he became interested in mathematically capturing the geometry of objects, and how his career has evolved as a balance of academic and industry research work. He talks about what sparks his curiosity, and his effort to leverage the explosion of data and advances in machine learning techniques now available to researchers.

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