Video: Adobe Research Intern Mentors Share What Works

January 12, 2022

Tags: Internships

Every year, Adobe Research seeks out several hundred bright minds to join us as research interns. What makes interning with us stand out?

To explore this, Research Scientist Dingzeyu Li hosted a roundtable discussion with Research Scientist Zoya Bylinksii, Research Engineer Ohi Dibua, and Senior Research Scientist Justin Salamon. The panelists—all intern mentors—share their approach to working with interns and what makes for a great internship. The panelists highlight the top reasons to intern with Adobe Research.

Panelists also discuss what they like to learn about prospective interns, including those coming from non-traditional fields. They touch on how they help interns find project ideas, and the outcomes they hope will come from the intern-mentor relationship. If you’re thinking of applying, you’ll want to stay tuned until the end of the discussion to learn about the panelists’ tips for successful research intern candidates.

Adobe Research is now accepting applications from graduate students to pursue 2022 internships across a range of research fields. Check out our internships page to find out how to join us, and to hear what former interns are saying about their experience.

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