Aaron Hertzmann

Principal Scientist

San Francisco

Aaron Hertzmann received a BA in computer science and art & art history from Rice University in 1996, and a PhD in computer science from New York University in 2001. He was a Professor at University of Toronto for 10 years, and has also worked at Pixar Animation Studios, University of Washington, Microsoft Research, Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab, and Interval Research Corporation. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist and IEEE Senior Member, and holds courtesy faculty appointments at University of Washington and University of Toronto.

His awards include the MIT TR100 (2004), an Ontario Early Researcher Award (2005), a Sloan Foundation Fellowship (2006), a Microsoft New Faculty Fellowship (2006), a UofT CS teaching award (2008), the CACS/AIC Outstanding Young CS Researcher Award (2010), the Steacie Prize for Natural Sciences (2010), and Rice Outstanding Young Engineering Alumnus (2011).

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My Publications

Im2Pencil: Controllable Pencil Illustration from Photographs

Li, Y., Fang, C., Hertzmann, A., Shechtman, E., Yang, M. (Jun. 18, 2019)
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR'19)

Learning A Stroke-Based Representation for Fonts

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Computer Graphics Forum

Controlling Perceptual Factors in Neural Style Transfer

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Automatic Portrait Segmentation for Image Stylization

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Learning style similarity for searching infographics

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Proceedings of Graphics Interface Conference

MatrixWave: Visual comparison of event sequence data

Zhao, J., Liu, L., Dontcheva, M., Hertzmann, A., Wilson, A. (Apr. 18, 2015)
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Recognizing Image Style

Karayev, S., Hertzmann, A., Winnemöller, H., Agarwala, A., Darrell, T. (Sep. 1, 2014)
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Feedback Control for Rotational Movements in Feature Space

Al Borno, M., Fiume, E., Hertzmann, A., de Lasa, M. (Apr. 1, 2014)
Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics (Eurographics 2014), April 2014

Learning Layouts for Single-Page Graphic Designs

O'Donovan, P., Agarwala, A., Hertzmann, A. (Mar. 1, 2014)
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PortraitSketch: Face Sketching Assistance for Novices

Xie, J., Hertzmann, A., Li, W., Winnemoeller, H. (Jan. 1, 2014)
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Image-Based Remodeling

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Color Compatibility From Large Datasets

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Shape and spatially-varying BRDFs from photometric stereo

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Shape and spatially varying BRDFs from photometric stereo

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Keyframe-based tracking for rotoscoping and animation

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