Optimizing Structure Preserving Embedded Deformation for Resizing Images and Vector Art

Computer Graphics Forum, Pacific Graphics 2009 Conference Proceedings, 29 (7)

Publication date: July 13, 2009

Q. Huang, Radomír Měch, Nathan Carr

Smart deformation and warping tools play an important part in modern day geometric modeling systems. They allow existing content to be stretched or scaled while preserving visually salient information. To date, these techniques have primarily focused on preserving local shape details, not taking into account important global structures such as symmetry and line features. In this work we present a novel framework that can be used to preserve the global structure in images and vector art. Such structures include symmetries and the spatial relations in shapes and line features in an image. Central to our method is a new formulation of preserving structure as an optimization problem. We use novel optimization strategies to achieve the interactive performance required by modern day modeling applications. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our framework by performing structure preservation deformation of images and complex vector art at interactive rates.

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