This SIGGRAPH 2022 paper presents the robust partitioning of 3D space computed from the intersection of implicit functions.

Adobe is presenting new work at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2022 conference, the premier academic conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques, held from August 8 to 11, 2022. This year, Adobe researchers have co-authored a total of 29 technical papers, including 12 in the Journal Papers track, 9 in the Conference Papers track, and 8 additional ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) papers. One of our co-authored papers won a Best Paper Award, and one received an Honorable Mention. In addition, Adobe authors have contributed to the conference by organizing workshops and other presentations. 

Adobe researchers served in important technical leadership roles for the Technical Papers Program, including the Chair, the Conference Papers Director, and several Papers Committee Members. The team has played a key role in creating a new Conference Papers track. 

The new Conference Papers track was created for papers with exciting new ideas presented in a shorter format.  Papers accepted for this track have been published in a special SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings. The previous SIGGRAPH technical papers track was preserved as the Journal Papers track for the 2022 conference, with accepted papers appearing in the TOG. Authors with papers submitted directly to TOG and accepted for publication in the journal were invited to present the papers at the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference as well. 

Nearly all these papers are the result of research internships or other collaborations with university students and faculty. Please check out Adobe Research’s careers page to learn more about internships and full-time career opportunities.   

Here are Adobe’s contributions to SIGGRAPH 2022.  

Technical papers – Journal Papers

Affine Body Dynamics: Fast, Stable & Intersection-free Simulation of Stiff Materials 
Lei Lan, Danny Kaufman, Minchen Li, Chenfanfu Jiang, Yin Yang 

As-Locally-Uniform-as-Possible Reshaping of Vector Clip Art 
Chrystiano Araujo, Nicholas Vining, Enrique Rosales, Giorgio Gori, Alla Sheffer 

ASSET: Autoregressive Semantic Scene Editing with Transformers at High Resolutions 
Difan Liu, Sandesh Shetty, Tobias Hinz, Matthew Fisher, Richard Zhang, Taesung Park, Evangelos Kalogerakis

Aδ: Autodiff for Discontinuous Programs – Applied to Shaders
Yuting Yang, Connelly Barnes, Andrew Adams, Adam Finkelstein

Clustered Vector Textures 
Peihan Tu, Li-Yi Wei, Matthias Zwicker 

Ecoclimates: Climate-Response Modeling of Vegetation 
Wojtek Palubicki, Milosz Makowski, Weronika Gajda, Torsten Hadrich, Dominik Michels, Soren Pirk 

Free2CAD: Parsing Freehand Drawings Into CAD Commands 
Changjian Li, Adrien Bousseau, Niloy Mitra 
Honorable Mention Award 

MatFormer: A Generative Model for Procedural Materials 
Paul Guerrero, Milos Hasan, Kalyan Sunkavalli Radomir Mech, Tamy Boubekeur, Niloy Mitra 

Moving Level-of-Detail Surfaces 
Corentin Mercier, Thibault Lescoat, Pierre Roussillon, Tamy Boubekeur, Jean-Marc Thiery 

Neural Jacobian Fields: Learning Intrinsic Mappings of Arbitrary Meshes 
Noam Aigerman, Kunal Gupta, Vladimir Kim, Siddhartha Chaudhuri, Jun Saito, Thibault Groueix 

Robust Computation of Implicit Surface Networks for Piecewise Linear Functions 
Xingyi Du, Qingnan Zhou, Nathan Carr, Tao Ju 

Spelunking the Deep: Guaranteed Queries on General Neural Implicit Surfaces via Range Analysis 
Nicholas Sharp, Alec Jacobson 
Best Paper Award 

Technical papers – Conference Papers

CLIP2StyleGAN: Unsupervised Extraction of StyleGAN Edit Directions 
Rameen Abdal, Peihao Zhu, John Femiani, Niloy Mitra, Peter Wonka 

Learning From Documents in the Wild to Improve Document Unwarping 
Ke Ma, Sagnik Das, Zhixin Shu, Dimitris Samaras 

Learning Smooth Neural Functions via Lipschitz Regularization 
Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu, Francis Williams, Alec Jacobson, Sanja Fidler, Or Litany 

Mobius Convolutions for Spherical CNNs 
Thomas Mitchel, Noam Aigerman, Vladimir Kim, Michael Kazhdan 

Node Graph Optimization Using Differentiable Proxies 
Yiwei Hu, Paul Guerrero, Milos Hasan, Holly Rushmeier, Valentin Deschaintre 

Reconstructing translucent objects using differentiable rendering 
Xi Deng, Fujun Luan, Bruce Walter, Kavita Bala, Steve Marschner 

ReLU Fields: The Little Non-linearity That Could 
Animesh Karnewar, Tobias Ritschel, Oliver Wang, Niloy Mitra 

Rendering Neural Materials on Curved Surfaces 
Alexandr Kuznetsov, Xuezheng Wang, Krishna Mullia, Fujun Luan, Zexiang Xu, Milos Hasan, Ravi Ramamoorthi 

Variable Bitrate Neural Fields 
Towaki Takikawa, Alex Evans, Jonathan Tremblay, Thomas Muller, Morgan McGuire, Alec Jacobson, Sanja Fidler 

TOG Papers 

A Large-Scale Comparison of Tetrahedral and Hexahedral Elements for Solving Elliptic PDEs with the Finite Element Method 
Teseo Schneider, Yixin Hu, Xifeng Gao, Jérémie Dumas, Denis Zorin, Daniele Panozzo 

Active Exploration for Neural Global Illumination of Variable Scenes 
Stavros Diolatzis, Julien Philip, George Drettakis 

An Inverse Procedural Modeling Pipeline for SVBRDF Maps 
Yiwei Hu, Chengan He, Valentin Deschaintre, Julie Dorsey, Holly Rushmeier 

Fine Wrinkling on Coarsely Meshed Thin Shells 
Zhen Chen, Hsiao-Yu Chen, Danny Kaufman, Mélina Skouras, Etienne Vouga 

Free-viewpoint Indoor Neural Relighting from Multi-view Stereo 
Julien Philip, Sébastien Morgenthaler, Michaël Gharbi, George Drettakis 

Searching for Fast Demosaicking Algorithms 
Karima Ma, Michael Gharbi, Andrew Adams, Shoaib Kamil, Tzu-Mao Li, Connelly Barnes, Jonathan Ragan-Kelley 

Sparsity-Specific Code Optimization Using Expression Trees 
Philipp Herholz, Xuan Tang, Teseo Schneider, Shoaib Kamil, Daniele Panozzo, Olga Sorkine-Hornung 

StrokeStyles: Stroke-based Segmentation and Stylization of Fonts 
Daniel Berio, Paul Asente, Jose Echevarria, Frederic Fol Leymarie 

Workshop talk 

“Projections in Computer Graphics” presented at the “Beyond Linear Perspective:  Art, Human Vision, and Computer Graphics” workshop 
Aaron Hertzmann 

Other presentations 

Birds of a Feather: Delivering Interactive Experiences with glTF 
Brent Scannell, Dwight Rodgers, Erwan Maigret, Cedrick Ilo, Raanan Weber, Daniel Plemmons 

Birds of a Feather: Metaverse and the Future of glTF 
Nathaniel Hunter, Neil Trevett, Leonard Daly, Brent Scannell, Dwight Rodgers, Pawel Nikiel 

Course: Building the Open Metaverse: Part I 
Patrick Cozzi, Marc Petit, Neal Stephenson, Guido Quaroni, Steve May, Natalya Tatarchuk, Rev Lebaredian 

Educator’s Day – Adobe Substance 3D: A reference for 3D Content Creation for Your Students 
Alwyn Hunt 

Frontiers Talk: Art in the Age of AI: Can Computers Create Art? 
Aaron Hertzmann 

Real Time Live! session: Hybrid VR/Desktop sculpting with Adobe Substance 3D Modeler 
Giovanni Nakpil 

Technical Papers Program leadership 

Chair: Niloy Mitra 
Conference Papers Director: Aaron Hertzmann 
Papers Committee Members: Matt Fisher, Danny Kaufman, Jiawen Chen 

Workshop and event co-organizers 

Beyond Linear Perspective: Art, Human Vision, and Computer Graphics 
Organizer: Aaron Hertzmann 

Executive Committee Member and Panelist: Deepali Aneja 
Advisory Board: Valentina Shin 
Several current and former Adobe interns are WiGRAPH Rising Stars at SIGGRAPH, including Siqi Wang, Emilie Yu, Karima Ma, Chenxi Liu, as well as former Adobe Research Fellow Mackenzie Leake 

Conference Coffee 
Organizing Committee: Valentin Deschaintre 

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