Adobe Research Previews Experimental Technologies at Summit 2020

May 4, 2020

Tags: AI & Machine Learning, AR, VR & 360 Photography, Document Intelligence

This year, Adobe shifted the annual Summit to an all-digital experience released on March 31. In the virtual Adobe Sneaks session, Steve Hammond, senior director for Experience Cloud, introduced 7 innovative demos. Two of those included sneaks were from Adobe Research. We showcased our cutting-edge technologies for marketers and digital document users.

Project Snippets

Marketers use eye-catching headlines and summarized descriptions called “teasers” to help people discover and interact with their content. However, creating teasers requires a lot of manual efforts and is not scalable for personalization. Project Snippets aims to use AI to make this process more efficient and audience-centric. With Adobe Sensei technology, Project Snippets mines through content in marketing articles to produce a set of relevant headlines, brief descriptions, and images. In addition, this technology can add personalization by providing image and text copy suggestions that cater to different audience personas. An academic paper that covers some of the technologies was presented at IUI 2020, a top HCI conference.

Presenter: Hyman Chung
Internal Collaborators: Balaji Vasan Srinivasan, Gaurav Verma, Cedric Huesler

Project Dually Noted

Collaborating on digital documents is easier than ever. But many people still want or are required to use physical copies while making revisions. Sharing ideas between digital and physical documents has been nearly impossible – until now. Project Dually Noted uses augmented reality to bridge the gap for a seamless experience.

Presenters: Lynn Gong, Eric Matisoff
Internal Collaborators: Curtis Wigington, Tong Sun, Qi Sun
External Collaborators: Jing Qian (former intern)

Visit here to watch all of this year’s Summit Sneaks.

In addition to the Sneaks, Adobe Research showcased new technologies at Summit targeted for marketers. Some top of mind questions for marketers these projects address include how to measure the impact of marketing campaigns and how to keep email subscribers. The following experimental tools were shown at Summit: 

  • To understand a marketing campaign’s value, businesses assign credit for outcomes to interactions between a visitor and a brand. Adobe showcased new algorithmic attribution technology in Adobe Analytics that allocates attribution credit across any dimension or metric value in any report. It also supports unlimited segmentation and breakdowns. The technology processes billions of interactions for thousands of interaction types in under a second, enabling a highly interactive user experience.
  • Another Research partnership focuses on the likelihood that someone will unsubscribe to a marketing contact list. With Marketo Engage, Adobe showcased a new research technology that allows marketers to apply a filter to predict email unsubscription rates that can be used to manage for email fatigue.  
  • In addition, new research technology for Adobe Experience Platform was showcased in a recommendation engine. This effort unleashes the power of visualization to tell stories based on the customer’s data, thereby reducing a marketer’s reliance on business analysts or other internal resources for such insights. 

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