Atanu R Sinha

Principal Scientist


Atanu R Sinha is a Principal Scientist at Adobe Research, BEL, based in Bangalore. He received a Ph.D. from the Stern School of Business at the New York University, and joined the Anderson School of Management, UCLA, as a faculty member.  He moved to the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder, where he is currently an emeritus faculty member. His research interests span theoretical and empirical modeling of marketing and business phenomena for effective decision making, by recognizing institutional practices and customer behaviors. The research draws from theories in base disciplines of economics and psychology. Substantively, the domains include customer experience, two-sided platform markets, pricing, auctions, negotiations, social networks, coalitions and alliances, reward programs, new products, augmented reality, among others. He has published in Management Science, Marketing Science and Psychometrika. Methodologically, econometrics, statistics and methods from computer science influence his research. He has taught courses at the PhD, MBA, MS and UG programs across University of Colorado, UCLA, the Indian School of Business, Korea University, and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He has offered executive programs across US, India, Germany and Korea and has worked with many companies. After completing Bachelors and Masters, pursuing Statistics and Mathematics, from the Indian Statistical Institute, he was instrumental in forming the market research function for Tata Motors (then, Telco).


Delivery Optimized Discovery in Behavioral User Segmentation under Budget Constraint

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The Role of Unattributed Behavior Logs in Predictive User Segmentation

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Mentor Pattern Identification from Product Usage Logs

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Surveys Without Questions: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

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Forecasting Granular Audience Size for Online Advertising

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Measurement of Users’ Experience on Online Platforms from Their Behavior Logs

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Automatic Assignment of Topical Icons to Documents for Faster File Navigation

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[POSTER] Enhanced Personalized Targeting Using Augmented Reality

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Anti-Ad Blocking Strategy: Measuring Its True Impact

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