Valentin Deschaintre

Research Scientist


Valentin Deschaintre is a Research Scientist at Adobe. Previously, he was an Associate Researcher in the Realistic Graphics and Imaging group of Imperial College London hosted by Abhijeet Ghosh. He obtained his PhD from Inria, in the GraphDeco research group, under the supervision of Adrien Bousseau and George Drettakis. During his PhD he spent 2 months under the supervision of Frédo Durand, at MIT CSAIL.

His research focuses on material and shape acquisition, creation and representation, leveraging deep learning methods. More information is available on his website.


TileGen: Tileable, Controllable Material Generation and Capture

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Node Graph Optimization Using Differentiable Proxies

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Controlling Material Appearance by Examples

Hu, Y., Hašan, M., Guerrero, P., Rushmeier, H., Deschaintre, V. (Jul. 1, 2022)

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Generative Modelling of BRDF Textures from Flash Images

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An Inverse Procedural Modeling Pipeline for SVBRDF Maps

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