Gavin Miller

Head of Adobe Research

San Jose

Dr. Gavin Miller is the Head of Adobe Research.

As the Vice President of the Creative Intelligence Lab, Dr. Gavin Miller aims to create a world-class research organization by attracting and retaining some of the best talent breaking grounds on innovative research across the creative fields. The Creative Intelligence Lab’s research is focused on computer graphics, computer vision, imaging, media intelligence and NLP, as well as explorations of new creativity media, such as VR, AR, AI and robots, to invent the creative landscape of tomorrow. The Creative Intelligence Lab publishes novel technical papers at major technical conferences, and contributes a significant number of features to Photoshop and other desktop and mobile creative products produced by Adobe.

Dr. Miller’s own research interests are in computer vision, imaging and the convergence of creativity and technology. Dr. Miller has twice been a keynote speaker at Graphics Interface, and once at Computer Graphics International, and has presented papers at SIGGRAPH, Eurographics and other major conferences. He is also the executive co-sponsor of the Adobe Tech Summit, an internal Adobe conference for 2,500 Adobe technical staff.

Dr. Miller is well known for creating a series of experimental snake robots, one of which was the usher at his wedding. The robots were presented at a DARPA-sponsored conference, and featured on the cover of the book of the conference – Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots. The robots were also displayed at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, and in the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. His other interests include writing fairytales, science fiction, poetry, plays and developing experimental software to create highly ornamental decorative objects for 3D printing.

Dr. Gavin Miller graduated from Cambridge University with First Class Honors, and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Aided Manufacture and Computer Graphics.


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My Publications

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