Creative Technologist


Romain is a Creative Technologist working on materials and objects capture.
As a Creative Technologist, his goal is to be a bridge between Adobe Research and product teams by proposing creative, efficient, and achievable solutions to be implemented in products.
As an artist, he showcases R&D in creative ways.
Romain received his engineer’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at EIGSI and worked at Iconem on the digitization of endangered cultural heritage sites in 3D

Now as part of Adobe Research, he focuses his work on dataset creation and the capture and editing of digital materials. When he’s not thinking about 3D scanning, Romain keeps himself busy with Landscape photography / Mountain / Trekking.


Making a Digital Double of Alan Shepard’s Space Suit

ROUFFET, R., Dattoria, M., Cope, J., Blundell, J., Rossi, V., Boubekeur, T. (Aug. 6, 2023)

SIGGRAPH 2023 Talk

MaterIA: Single Image High-Resolution Material Capture in the Wild

Martin, R., Roullier, A., ROUFFET, R., Kaiser, A., Boubekeur, T. (Apr. 25, 2022)