Deepali is a Research Engineer at Adobe Research. Her research is at the intersection of computer vision, graphics, and machine learning. Recently she has been working on enhancing performance-based animation for cartoon characters and applying generative and adversarial image networks to create new tools for artists.

She finished her Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Washington. Her thesis focused on developing learning-based techniques for facial animation. She also received the Adobe Fellowship Award in 2018.

She is always looking for interns and collaborators to work on exciting research projects. Please feel free to reach out to learn more.



Understanding Conversational and Expressive Style in a Multimodal Embodied Conversational Agent

Aneja, D., Hoegen, R., McDuff, D., Czerwinski, M. (May. 12, 2021)

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)

Conversational Error Analysis in Human-Agent Interaction

Aneja, D., McDuff, D., Czerwinski, M. (Oct. 20, 2020)

ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA)

Real-Time Lip Sync for Live 2D Animation

Aneja, D., Li, W. (Oct. 19, 2019)


A High Fidelity Open Embodied Avatar with LipSyncing and Expression Capabilities

Aneja, D., McDuff, D., Shah, S. (Oct. 14, 2019)

ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI)

A Facial Affect Analysis System for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Li, B., Mehta, S., Aneja, D., Foster, C., Ventola, P., Shic, F., Shapiro, L. (Sep. 23, 2019)

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)

An End-to-End Conversational Style Matching Agent

Hoegen, R., Aneja, D., McDuff, D., Czerwinski, M. (Jul. 4, 2019)

Best Paper Nominee

ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA)

Learning to Generate 3D Stylized Character Expressions from Humans

Aneja, D., Chaudhuri, B., Colburn, A., Faigin, G., Shapiro, L., Mones, B., Aneja, A. (Mar. 12, 2018)

IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)

Modeling Stylized Character Expressions via Deep Learning

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Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV)